Get back on track

You are not the first to have difficulty with auto-enrolment or to miss your staging date. Our auto-enrolment rescue service will get you back on track.


What's included?

Our service will get you compliant and back to business as usual

Workforce assessment

We will tell you who needs to be enrolled and what it will cost.

Quotes rated out of 100

We rate each pension out of 100 to make it easy for you to choose.

Scheme implementation

Once you have chosen your scheme we'll help you impement it with the provider.

Corrective Work

You may need to backdate pension contributions for certain employees, we will identify these employees and configure your software to backdate necessary contributions.

Engaging Employees

It’s important to encourage engagement early in the process. We give each employer access to non-statutory communications to give to their employees.

Instant pension quotes

We will tell you who will offer you a pension and the price you and your staff will pay for each pension.

Due diligence

You get a full audit trail of the decision you have taken to protect you in the future.

Payroll configuration

We will remotely configure the scheme and options within your payroll software so it’s ready for your staging date.

Liaising with the Pension Regulator

We will confirm your compliance to The Pensions Regulator. Should it be necessary we will contact The Pension Regulator on your behalf to confirm any corrective action we have undertaken to ensure your scheme is fully compliant.

Training and support

We will provide full training and support to administer you scheme within payroll and with your provider.

Step 1. Assess workers, choose  pension and download due diligence on Pension PlayPen.

Auto-enrolment is all about the pension.  If you choose a bad pension you're in trouble from the start.

No matter how late you have left it, whether you have missed your staging date or you are just in a complete mess - you can always find a good pension for your company and your staff.

Step 2. Our friends at The Pension Counter will guide you through sign up, setup and compliance.

The Pension Counter are here to help employers comply with the new workplace pension reforms. With 20 years' workplace pension experience, we are perfectly positioned to work with you to meet your workplace pensions duties.

To date, we have supported hundreds of employers ranging from micro employers to early staging PLCs through every step of the automatic enrolment process.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience. Automatic enrolment is our sole focus and we have teamed up with Pension PlayPen to give you the additional help, support and reassurance you are looking for.

How much it will cost



Pension playpen

Workforce Assessment - Pension Comparison - Due Diligence


The Pension Counter

Setup - Implementation - Compliance Training - Ongoing Assistance

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