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Consumers MUST be winners !!
Author Steven Goddard for Pension Playpen Posted on August 27, 2021 10:43
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So we are an industry that has had great success with Auto Enrolment (Hats off to Sir Steve Webb) with Millions now in a workplace savings scheme (DB,DC, Master Trust or Group PP)....as we approach the TENTH (yes Tenth) anniversary of AE in 2022 are we collectively doing enough?

The coffee morning on Tuesday 31st August will cover Member Comms which will be a valuable insight into member expectations....please visit the events page to attend!

Pension Playpen - Connecting People

As usual with life are we overpromising and underdelivering? Ask most people in the high street:

What is your fund value today?

What pension will you get when you retire?

What performance did your fund (or default fund) achieve over the past 12 months?

What are the charges?

How ESG friendly are the investments?

Do you have other pensions?

Repeat above!

Most people I guess would give you a "glazed" looked.

In this day and age of "instant" news this cannot be right!...so how do consumers of pensions become winners?

Pension Playpen are very passionate about this subject and will be doing something for all consumers for the beginning of 2022...watch this space!!.

If you are a provider/adviser/IFA/master trust/Government body...are we collectively doing enough? How can we help members "win"?

Steve Goddard