Financial Advisers

Employers need specialist help which can fall outside existing skill sets of even the most experienced financial advisers. Pension PlayPen helps advisers consider auto-enrolment both in terms of member outcomes and compliance/operability for the employer.


Maximise member outcomes

You know what helps a member to get the most out of their contributions. We help you analyse the pension choices to ensure members get the best deal.


Improves your relationship with the employer

Building a corporate client base through auto-enrolment should be easy: but many IFAs struggle to add value within the tight budgets of SMEs. Pension PlayPen helps you at the right price.


Builds relationships with 'business advisers'

Accountants and their payroll department are uncomfortable with pensions. We can help you add value to their practices.

Why you can trust us

We don't take kick backs

Unlike most comparison sites we do not get paid when you choose a provider.

Our independence is the most important thing to us


Our research is done by experts

All of our website analytics are produced by First Actuarial, a leading UK actuarial consultancy.

First Actuarial are fully independent of the pension providers and have many years experience of advising employers on their pension requirements.

They are shareholders in Pension PlayPen and committed to our vision of providing employers with the means to select a good workplace pension in a simple and cost effective way.

The 6 metrics of scoring a provider

We combine these scores to give each provider a rating out of 100.

We look at the headline AMC of the default investment option. We do not take into account (here) the other investment costs (fund expenses) as these are analysed in the investment metric. The lower the headline cost, the higher the value we give to the provider’s proposition.

We use a specialist division of First Actuarial for investment analytics; it has developed a complex rating system of its own based on value for money which looks at both the costs of the fund management (in totality), the investment process and the statement of investment principles, the asset allocation and the quality of the fund management team in assessing the likelihood of the fund meeting its target. We then assess whether the fund’s target is appropriate for the job.

Pension freedoms have changed everything. We rate providers on the options they offer members and on the quality of those options.

We continue to develop a sophisticated monitoring service that takes feedback from over 50 payroll software providers on the compatibility of each provider to its software. The aim is to provide a software specific rating. Currently we provide general ratings for each provider, which are not software specific – the upgrade to software specific is expected in December.

This metric looks at the capacity of the provider to offer meaningful information and tools necessary for members to make informed decisions on contributions, fund selection, at retirement options and any special features of the plan, which require member choice. The latter might include salary sacrifice, built on life cover or even corporate wrap.

This rating looks at the sustainability of the provider’s business model. It analyses the appetite of the provider to stay in the market, its marketing, the success of its marketing, its financial position and the stress that its business model will come under as numbers of new schemes increase. Finally we look at the quality of the Governance infrastructure that underpins the plan


Build your corporate client base

Auto-enrolment is low margin but it is a great opportunity to build your business


Employers need to pay attention to their pension. And you are uniquely placed to manage implementation and provide ongoing services to employer and staff a like.

Pension PlayPen only focuses on workplace pensions and leaves you to develop the relationship with the employer around other benefits. And you're taking a monkey of the accountants back.


There are 3 ways to use Pension PlayPen

You complete it for your client

You'll add all the required data and share with your client once you have their offers. you can do this by either sharing their enquiry online or presenting their PDF reports.

Add payroll data and hand off

You add their payroll data and use our share feature for them to complete and make payment. This is the easiest way to have a light touch.

Direct clients to complete

If you don't want to get involved with auto-enrolment but your client is still looking for help. Direct them to us and we'll take care of them.

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