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Pensions are great but a  bad pension scheme can lead to litigation from staff, unions and regulators. Don't take unnecessary risks choosing a pension you know nothing about.


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Going straight to NEST is a risky strategy. NEST is not right for everyone. Looking at the market is easy and choosing the right pension takes only a few minutes.

What is your criteria for making your choice?

Do you know what a good pension looks like? We'll help you work out what's best for you and your staff.

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Real experts cost thousands of pounds. We provide expert advice online for a fraction of the cost.

How will you research your pension provider?

Over 2,500+ employers have used our research to make an informed choice. Why not join them?

Do you know about tax relief and pensions?

If you don't you could be depriving some of your staff from hundreds of pounds a year.

Are you documenting what you do ?

We futureproof you by providing you with a full audit trail and an actuarial certificate confirming you have followed due process.

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No provider pays us a penny to be on our website and we don't get paid when a provider is chosen. Your fee pays for us to independently research and rate all the providers in the market.


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We are the first site of this kind and we intend to remain the market leader. Our clients range from sophisticated financial instituions to farmers. Our introducers are IFAs payroll manager, accountants and other business advisers. We make difficult things simple and we are very easy to use.


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