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Assess Your Workforce

We will tell you who should be enrolled and how much this will cost you.


Compare Pensions

We compare the market and rate the pensions you can choose from.


Due Diligence

We provide you with a full audit trail and actuarial certificate.


We compare all these providers

There are over 70 providers offering workplace pensions in the UK. We break them down into 3 categories.

  • Providers that accept any company. We research these providers.
  • Providers that have acceptance criteria. Of these, we research credible providers.
  • Providers only accepting companies with existing pensions. We do not research these.
  • Transparency

    We tell providers how they rate and how we think they can do better. It not only benefits you but anyone who already has a pension with them.


    No provider pays us a penny to be on our website, and we don't get paid when a provider is chosen. This allows us to stay independent and offer you the best guidance we can.

    We've partnered with Sage to bring auto-enrolment advice to the masses


    "Without a doubt, Pension PlayPen is a must for all companies unsure on which pension provider to use for Auto-Enrolment."

    Craig Parsons,

    How we recommend providers

    All these factors and more have an effect on how we rate and recommend your pensions;

    • Age: Employees will have their money invested for different lengths of time and require different services.
    • Earnings: Low earners can be unfairly penalised if a pension with the wrong tax structure is chosen.
    • Turnover: If you have seasonal employees or a high employee turnover this will have an impact on what pension you should choose.
    • Payroll: The software you use may restrict you from selecting certain providers, or it may work particularly well with others. We have done the research for you.

    What type of user are you?

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