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Advice Gap!
Author Steven Goddard for Pension Playpen Posted on October 02, 2021 17:06
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Great session yesterday!

Many thanks to Margaret Snowdon OBE & Rona Train of Hymans...excellent input and questions from Playpen members!

So two themes came out of this session, firstly the concept of financial "coaching"..how would this work? Would members pay? If so how much? Could employers pay? The analogy was a PT at a Gym...could this cross over to Financial Services?

Secondly (Sir Steve Webb may be able to comment) for the older generation there is a "Social Care Levy" ...could this include "Coaching" and/or an element of advice? Cost to the Government purse? Is this means tested?

Finally the worrying signal is that IFA's could be a dying breed? If you are an IFA how many graduates or Trainees do you have?

Any comment welcome!